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Spray Tan Starter Kit As Seen On TV


As seen on TV - Spray tan starter kit

Includes spray tan machine, pop up tanning tent & 2 litres of  spray tan solution.

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As seen on TV -

This amazing kit includes:

MyTan Professional Spray Tan Machine. Manufactured by world leaders Wagner, this machine has been made exclusively for MyTan London in stunning pink. Comes with a two-year warranty for total peace of mind.


Spray tan popup tent. Black supplied as standard.


2x LITRES (1000ml) of MyTan London professional spray tan solution, supplied in light (8%) and dark (12%). Enough for 40 full-body spray tans (at £15 per tan, that's £600 of income. At £20 per tan, that's £800 of income).


1x 250ml barrier cream, for applying on dry skin areas or areas which you do not want tanned.

10x pairs of white sticky feet, to protect the soles of the feet from fake tanning!

10x disposable white caps.

If you think our model looks very like Craig Phillips (winner of the first ever Big Brother), that's because it is Craig Phillips! He and his girlfriend spray tanned each other with our machine and solution on live television, to show just how easy it is to operate this machine and deliver a flawless tan.

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