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  1. TS20 Spray Tan Machine
    Earlex TS20 Spray Tanning Machine with FREE BOTTLE of Professional Spray Tanning Solution Now cheaper than ever!
  2. Aura Allure BlueBerry

    the Allure has been made to impress Behind its glossy exterior hides a machine which really packs a tanning punch, pumping air through its 'whisper quiet' turbine technology through its patented spray tan nozzle for the perfect spray tan finish

  3. MyTan610

    Wagner W610 with free litre of spray tanning solution

  4. W670 Professional Tanning Machine with Free Litre Solution

    With the perfect nozzle and tip to create the most effective atomisation for spray tanning, their machines were recently featured alongside MyTan London spray tan solution on British television.

  5. Replacement Spray Tanning Guns

    Choose from the following spray tan machine models: Earlex TS20, Earlex Helia 2.0 and Wagner W610

  6. Tanning Essentials Wall Hanging Spray Tan Curtain

    The Wall Hanging Spray Tan Curtain is a one size fits all!

  7. W610 Replacement Hose

    After a lot of use, hoses can become cracked or split which prevents enough air from reaching your gun. This replacement hose for the Wagner W610 machine will get you back on track in no time! 

  8. Pop Up Tanning Room in Black

    Pop-Up spray Tanning Room

  9. TS20 or HV5008 250ml solution cups

    Spare 250ml cups for your HV5008 or TS20 Earlex spray tanning machine! 

  10. Pick up Tube

    Solution pick-up tube is rubber, designed to ensure all solution is realsed through the gun no matter the quanitity in your cup nor the angle you are applying the spray tan.

    Used in Helia gun (Earlex TS50 Model), MaxiMist Evolution Helia 2.0 Gun, and standard Earlex spray gun (fo TS20 and HV5008 models).

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