You just can’t beat going on a big shopping spree. You simply need your girlfriends, your credit cards – and oh yeah, a stunning spray tan! While until now the latter might not have been something you thought you needed to have to shop ‘til you drop, in actual fact it can be just the thing to guarantee a fruitful and enjoyable day out. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you should lather on the spray tanning solution before hitting the shops.


There won’t be any style that isn’t on the table if you’re sporting a sun-kissed complexion. After all, bronze skin goes well with all colours – from ruby red to baby blue. Pale skin, of course, simply doesn’t ensure the same results. Instead, you’ll find that certain shades wash you out and highlight the blemishes in your skin. Who would want this when you could broaden your horizons with the help of bronze skin?


It takes a certain amount of confidence to really strut your stuff around the shops. It’s not just about having the self-esteem to choose a stunning outfit and know that you can pull it off, but also that you should have no qualms about walking into the changing rooms to try it on. Luckily you’ll surely have a spring in your step if you’re sporting a head-turning spray tan that already makes you look the image of beauty.


It certainly takes a good amount of energy to bounce from shop to shop. But where does spray tan come into this? Well, the solution is so pleasurable to apply to the point where it’s largely considered a form of pampering. Rubbing it gently onto your legs, for example, can actually loosen up your muscles. This should actually leave you feeling limber and lively – ultimately better equipping you to spend the entire day shopping!

Have fun!

Is there anything spray tan can’t do? It doesn’t look like it! If you’re ready to use the bronzing solution before your next shopping trip, be sure to check out the paraben-free products available at My Tan London.