Holidays are a time to relax, indulge in some tasty food, and forget about any stressors that you have at home. They're also a great time to top up your tan because getting a golden glow is unlikely to happen in your rainy and dreary hometown. However, have you ever considered spray tanning before you set off on your adventure? Here are five reasons why you need to have bronzed skin before you even get on the plane: 

1. You're less likely to burn your skin

If getting a tan is your goal of the holiday, you can feel pressure to grab as much sun as early as possible which could end in painful sunburn; skipping the SPF in the hopes of getting a tan is also terrible for your skin. If you tan before going on holiday, you can skip the sunburn and skin damage. 

2. You'll look great in all of the photos

If you like to take a lot of pictures while abroad, then a pre-holiday spray tan is essential. You can use flash without looking ghostly pale and you'll have a killer tan in every single photo - not just the ones taken on the last day. 

3. It's a great pre-tanning activity

If you're going away with a group of friends, tanning is the perfect activity to get you all excited for the holiday. Make a day out of it and plan to have drinks after your tan has been applied. Make sure to get spray tanned a few days in advance so it won't wash off in the pool.

4. You won't need to wear as much makeup

When you're exploring a new country, the last thing you want to do is to apply foundation and layers of bronzer to give your skin some colour. A spray tan gives you a healthy and tanned glow so that you can rock the natural look. 

5. You'll feel more confident by the pool 

In your hotel, you'll be surrounded by holiday-goers who have already been there for a week and have amazing tans. If you're going to feel self-conscious about your pasty legs, get a spray tan so that you won't stand out at the pool.