Spray tanning has always been the ideal and safe natural tanning solution - whether you are staying in the UK or going abroad. Many glow lovers often opt for a spray tan before a holiday, as well as spray tanning at home.

In 2020, this only increased given the fact so many of us were unable to travel beyond the confines of our own four walls to soak up the sun in a luxurious holiday destination. Just because we had to stay home, it didn't mean we wanted to lose the feeling of looking like we had enjoyed a 5* sunshine break.

With a continued increase across the country in rates of Covid-19 infections, it would seem that 2021 is no different and travel will continue to be limited. As such, it looks set to be the year of sunless tanning. A year of glowing, dewy skin without the price tag of a holiday - there are certainly some positives to be found!

Self-tanning safely

Self-tan is a much safer way of bronzing up than burning in the sun and a healthy tanning lotion can be anyone's best friend if they like to feel sun-kissed but without the risks. It really isn't the end of the tan simply because we must continue to stay home and stay safe through 2021.

The perfect colour match

Many worries that their self-tan won't last as long, will go green or be the wrong colour and turn them either super dark or a very fake shade of tangerine. Fake tan for pale skin is often a big concern for this very reason. That shouldn't be a concern though - sunless tanning can create a high-quality, natural finish without hassle or stress.

Long-lasting tan

Self-tan may not penetrate as deep into the skin as a 'natural' tan, meaning it can wear off quicker. However, by exfoliating before use, moisturizing daily and regularly topping up at least once a week, you can be sure your self-tan will last just as well.

Try the best self-tan on the market

My Tan London have worked hard to create the very best spray tan solution on the market. With the best ingredients, My Tan London avoids including parabens in all solutions as these are damaging to our health. These high-grade ingredients mean a better, more long-lasting tan that looks natural, smells delicious and doesn't turn orange! Give us a try - you won't be disappointed!

Image by USA-Reiseblogger via Pixabay