The excitement can reach fever pitch when you’re armed with spray tanning solution and are about to turn yourself into a bronze beauty. You must first, however, answer this question: what should you wear when applying spray tan? Luckily, you’ve got a number of options and are free to go down the route that makes you most comfortable and that you find most convenient. Let’s look at three ideas that should give you some direction.

Take it off

You’re more than welcome to remove as many layers as necessary if you’ve got a place where you can apply spray tan in private. A bikini or underwear, for instance, will provide you with maximum access to all your body parts if you’re keen to achieve a consistent glow from head to toe. This will also make you more limber as you give those hard-to-reach areas the sun-kissed complexion they deserve.

Keep it loose

If you do choose to wear more layers before and after applying spray tan then you should ensure that the clothing you choose is loose. After all, if your attire is too tight then it risks some of the mixture coming off your body and sticking to your clothing. Therefore, if you wear loose clothes it will mean that you don’t end up with any unsightly white patches on your skin.

Don’t go light

There’s always a risk that you could stain your clothes when you’re topping up your spray tan. This is all the more likely if you’re wearing white or light-coloured threads which will mean the marks show up more prominently. Therefore, you’d be better served to don dark-coloured clothing that will be easier to wash should it end up coming into contact with any of the solution.

The process starts now!

The first step to achieving a sun-kissed complexion is to find the right products with which to do it. With this in mind, look no further than My Tan London. Our range will give you a choice of numerous shades, all of which are natural-looking and don’t contain any pesky parabens.