Life can sometimes get very busy indeed. So much so that it can become difficult to even fathom when you’ll have time carry out your beauty regime. Thankfully spray tan is designed to fit around even the most hectic schedules and can even be applied shortly before you slip into bed. If you’re keen to make use of those precious hours before hitting the hay and calling it a night, here are three great benefits to spray tanning before bed.


You should be trying to unwind in those hours before bedtime if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, a spray tan can help you to do this. The act of applying spray tanning solution is extremely relaxing because it will soothe your skin and leave it feeling refreshed. This can make you feel extremely laidback and carefree, in the process nudging you in the direction of a pleasant night’s sleep.


Spray tan typically takes several hours to develop. If you’re to crawl under the covers shortly after it’s applied, you should find that you wake up with the stunning bronze complexion that you deserve. It ultimately means that you can hop out of bed looking picture perfect because the solution will have settled overnight while you were sleeping peacefully in your bed. The best part is it won’t feel like you’ve had to wait for it!


Your morning beauty regime will become that much easier if you apply your spray tan the night before. Aside from the fact that the solution will give you a sun-kissed complexion, it will also hide your blemishes and add some much-needed moisture to your skin. This should reduce the need for you to spend too much time applying make-up in the morning because you’ll already look – and feel – better than you did yesterday.

Try it!

There’s plenty to gain from spray tan, whether you choose to apply it in the morning, noon or night. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of having a stunning bronze tan, be sure to check out the paraben-free range available at My Tan London.