We know the feeling; you’ve got your brand new spray tan on and you’re walking around feeling like a million dollars! Sadly, spray tans tend to fade and after a while can turn from a perfect bronze glow into a patchy mess. No one likes this feeling so, here are some tips to maintain that flawless, golden glow that you’ve been dreaming of.

Use a high DHA percentage

Before learning how to maintain your tan, it’s important to understand what makes a long-lasting tan in the first place. As the general guidance goes, the higher the DHA percentage, the longer your tan will last and the easier it will be to maintain. Any tan with 15% or higher DHA is considered a high percentage.

Use moisturiser

Moisturising your skin regularly before and after tanning will help to keep the colour even and will stop the tan from fading. It is recommended to moisturise your entire body immediately after showering to create a protective barrier that locks in moisture and colour. However, before your tanning session, you must only moisturise problem areas that are prone to dry skin build-up. This is because fake tan sits better on product-free skin.

Pat yourself dry

It can be so tempting to quickly jump out of your morning shower and rub yourself dry, especially if you’re in a rush! But, to maintain your tan for longer, you need to gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it. Doing this will prevent the tan from rubbing off onto your towel which will help it stay on your skin for longer and stop it from going patchy.

Use oil-free products

Showering after your spray tan can seem scary- you don’t want all of that beautiful colour to wash off! The process can be made a lot less risky if you ensure that your body wash is oil-free. Oil can shorten the length of your tan and strip the colour from your skin. You should also be careful to wash in luke-warm water instead of boiling hot. Luke-warm water is much gentler on your skin and is the best option for maintaining that perfect tan. For the best fake tan at home discover our range of spray tan starter kits today.

Image by chezbeate via Pixabay