The aim of the game is always to avoid causing white patches when you are applying spray tan. After all, this will mean that you can proudly sport a bronze and beautiful complexion without anyone being none-the-wiser that it’s not natural. There are, unfortunately, a few ways that you can accidentally cause white patches when spray tanning. This includes the likelihood that you could inadvertently wipe off some of the spray tanning solution before it’s dried. Let’s look at three ways this is most likely to happen so that you can be extra careful in future.


Shaving before applying spray tan is fine. In fact, it’s advisable. On the other hand, shaving afterwards could pose problems. It’s possible to scrape off some of the tanning solution, not to mention that particularly hairy body parts might be hiding white patches if the mixture wasn’t able to be properly absorbed. Due to this, if you need to shave then do it before spray tanning because not only is it safer but it also exfoliates the area.


You shouldn’t, of course, have to avoid clothing at all costs once you’ve applied spray tanning solution. However, it’s always better if you choose threads that are light and baggy rather than heavy and tight. If your clothing is too tight then it could rub against the mixture and remove some of it from your skin. As well as leaving you with white patches, this could also stain your clothes.


You should find that there’s not as much need for your usual make-up tricks once you’re sporting a sun-kissed complexion. However, when you do apply certain products you should be careful that you’re not inadvertently removing the spray tan. If the solution hasn't settled then you could actually be removing it from your face if you’re doing something like rubbing a make-up brush across your skin.

Be careful!

Hopefully there’ll be no mishaps if you’re careful when applying spray tan and use a premier product, much like the ones provided from My Tan London. If you’re keen to get your hands on these paraben-free goodies then be sure to visit our site.