You generally have to look drop dead gorgeous if you’re a model. This, of course, comes naturally to most in the profession. If you’re looking to get a step ahead though – whether you’re hitting the catwalk or posing for photos – you should know that spray tan could very well be your secret weapon to keep you ahead of the game. Let’s look at three ways the bronzing solution will aid you in making positive strides as a model.


Companies use models to sell their products – and therefore the person they choose often has to reflect their brand. Due to this, it’s uncommon for them to choose a model who doesn’t look fit and healthy. After all, what message would it send about the product? Luckily, spray tanning solution can make you look the picture of strong wellbeing. This is because it gives your skin some much-needed colour, as well as giving it life through the added moisture.


Spray tan can go some length to ensuring that you’re not shoehorned into being a certain type of model. This is because you’ll be able to wear a whole manner of outfits and pose for a variety of shoots once you’re the proud owner of a sun-kissed complexion. For example, you’ll be able to wear short skirts without fear that they’ll expose your pale legs. You can also don dark colours without them washing you out.


You should find yourself in higher demand as a model once you’ve got golden brown skin. Why? Well, one reason is because you’ll be able to get ready quicker and with less make-up. After all, your stunning tan will cover most blemishes – in the process making you a dream to work because it won’t take too much time and effort to help you get ready. This can count for a lot for casting agents.

Get ready to strut your stuff!

Your modelling career can only go from strength to strength once you can lay claim to a beautiful tan. To get your hands on paraben-free spray tanning solution, be sure to check out the amazing range available at My Tan London.