There are actually 140 million people in the world with red hair, so redheads are not as few and far between as some would imagine. While the hair colour is a source of pride and confidence in most people, it does come with its downsides – but these aren’t anything that a spray tan can’t help combat. With this in mind, let’s look at three ways spray tan can be considered a godsend for redheads.

Skin tone

Red hair is caused by the MC1R gene. This is a mutated gene that gives people the vibrant colour that sets them apart from others. However, it’s also responsible for giving redheads naturally pale skin. It can be difficult living with this skin tone, especially since time in the sun typically results in reddening rather than a tan. Thankfully, spray tan is a great option for allowing redheads to achieve the stunning sun-kissed complexion that doesn’t come naturally to them.


Spray tan allows redheads to control their colouring. With different shades available to choose from, it gives redheads the chance to pinpoint the shade that will complement their own unique hair colour. This gives them the kind of freedom that they’re used to when it comes to choose the likes of clothes and accessories – in the process giving them to the opportunity to build their image based on what suits their colouring.


Unfortunately, research has found that redheads are more susceptible to skin cancer. Again, this has been linked to the mutated MC1R gene that puts people at risk of melanoma – especially when exposed to too much sunlight. Thankfully, there’s no need for redheads to put themselves in harm’s way if they’ve got a spray tan. Instead, they can proudly show off a golden brown complexion without any need to jeopardise their health in the process.

Don’t go without!

If you’re a redhead, it’s clear that you – like many others – can benefit from getting your hands on spray tanning solution. We’ve got a great paraben-free range available to My Tan London, so be sure to check it out to find which one best suits your own distinctive red hair.