These days parabens can be found in many cosmetic products. The ingredient is used to preserve the formulas, in the process making them last longer. This isn’t always for the customer’s benefit, but instead to extend its shelf life and prevent mounting business costs. Parabens can now be found in around 85% of cosmetic products, with the chemical liable to soak into a person’s skin when the formula is applied. This can have many negatives outcomes. With this in mind, let’s look at three benefits you stand to gain from choosing a paraben-free spray tanning solution.

Reduced risk of cancer

Spray tan with parabens can introduce oestrogen into your body. This can then lead to endocrine imbalance, which in turn makes you vulnerable to developing certain types of cancers. In particular, the chemicals have been strongly linked to breast cancer and Breast Cancer UK heavily recommends that women limit their exposure to parabens as often as possible.

Fewer skin problems

Of course, everyone who applies spray tanning solution does so in the hope that it will leave them with a stunning sun-kissed complexion. Unfortunately, you can actually end up with heightened skin problems if you use a product that contains parabens. Research has found that the chemicals can cause issues such as dermatitis and rosacea to flare up, ultimately leaving users unhappy with their overall complexion.

Anti-ageing benefits

Paraben-free products have been found to have a more positive impact on the way your skin ages. The likes of spray tan – what with its power to moisturise and hydrate the skin – can leave your skin feeling young and lively. On the other hand, those products with parabens don’t have the same benefits and could be one of the reasons why your skin starts to look old and lifeless over time.

Steer clear!

Thankfully our spray tan products are paraben-free so you can enjoy all the benefits that come from steering clear of the harmful chemicals. If you’re ready to sport a fantastic spray tan then be sure to check out the amazing range we have on offer at My Tan London.