You should ideally work from your feet upwards when applying a spray tanning solution. This means that you should come to the area around your eyes when you are near the end of the process. There is, of course, nothing to worry about because spray tan is safe to apply to all parts of your skin. You might, however, want to take a little extra degree of care to make sure that the area is done quickly and effectively. Therefore, let’s look at three things to consider when applying spray tan to the area around your eyes.

Remove eyewear

It might seem obvious, but you should remove any eyewear when applying a spray tan. This includes your glasses. Your spectacles don’t need to be off for any prolonged amount of time and you can even remove then once you’ve put some of the mixtures onto your skin. Unfortunately, if you leave them on then you will risk covering parts of your face – which could result in the pesky white patches that all spray tanners want to avoid!

Close your eyes

While spray tan is suitable for all parts of the skin, you might find that it stings or irritates your eyes if it comes into direct contact with them. It won’t cause long-lasting damage, but it might be uncomfortable. Due to this, you should close your eyes to guarantee that you’re only in a state of pleasure and relaxation when applying spray tan to your body.

Watch those circles

You should keep a close watch on any dark circles that you might have under your eyes. These circles – which can be caused by numerous issues, including fatigue – can react in different ways to spray tan. In some cases, they can become disguised, whereas in others they can look more pronounced. Therefore, to ensure full satisfaction you should keep a watch on this when applying spray tan under your eyes.

Have fun!

You’ve got plenty to look forward to when applying spray tan, especially now that you needn’t worry about what to do when you get to the area around your eyes. If you’re now after getting your hands on the best paraben-free products, be sure to check out My Tan London.

Image by Skitterphoto via Pixabay