Your jewellery might very well complement your sun-kissed spray tan once it’s settled and you’re ready to hit the town. However, before then it might be in your interest to briefly ditch the bling when you’re applying the solution. This is because some items – whether it’s rings, necklaces, bracelets or whatever – can stand in the way of you and the bronze skin you deserve. Let’s have a look at the problem with jewellery and spray tanning.


There’s little worse than an undesired white patch when the rest of your body is picture-perfect. Unfortunately, you’re only increasing the likelihood that you might miss a spot if you don’t remove your jewellery before putting on a spray tan. Take, for instance, a ring. The area it covers could remain pale if you don’t take it off before rubbing in the solution, leaving you with a rather obvious white patch on a key part of your body.


There’s nothing better than the way spray tanning solution can quickly absorb into your skin. While it’s not designed to absorb into jewellery, it’s true that the mixture can cause a degree of damage. This is certainly true for thinner items like necklaces, as well as those of lower quality. Unfortunately, if this happens it might leave you with a bitter taste even though you’ve achieved your gorgeous glow.


You should be in for a treat when applying a spray tan. The experience should rightfully be rather relaxing, especially as you pamper yourself with the soothing mixture. This sensation, however, could be jeopardised if you don’t remove your jewellery. All of a sudden it can become rather stressful to have to carefully sidestep your bling to avoid it from coming into contact with the mixture.

It’s your call

Ultimately it’s up to you whether you remove your jewellery or not before starting the process, but it’s always worth remembering that a spray tan really can be perfect if you want it to be! This is certainly true if you’re using the right products, such as the paraben-free ones that can be purchased from My Tan London.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Image by MarinaVoitik via Pixabay