So you’ve picked the perfect shade for your self-tan, but before you get your glow on, make sure you’ve also got the essential accessories ready. Achieving a flawless tan is all about the prep and taking your time, and our top accessory picks will ensure your tan is perfect.

An exfoliating mitt or body scrub

An exfoliating mitt or fine body scrub will ensure all impurities are buffed away from your skin, leaving you feeling revitalised too! A mitt is an easy way to make sure you get all those tricky bits, including your knees, nice and smooth ready for your tan.

A shower cap or tight headband

You’ll want to keep your hair completely away from your face when applying your tan. You’ll need to be especially careful if you have fair hair to avoid colour transfer, so make sure your headband or shower cap is secure. A perk of a shower cap is that it's easy to wash any excess fake tan off!

A tanning mitt

This one seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many people try to apply self-tan with just their hands! Using a mitt will help ensure your coverage is even and stop your hands from getting stained, plus a lot of mitts can be machine washed so can be used over and over again. When it comes to applying your tan to your hands and feet, a foundation or kabuki brush is a great way to get to awkward spots.

Old towels!

No matter how careful you think you might be, you will get some colour transfer onto your towels. So, put your best white towels away, and use coloured towels that are a bit older just in case.

Sticky feet or old flip flops

Another easy way to accidentally transfer colour is via your feet and you don’t want to be attempting to scrub your tan out of your carpets. Sticky feet are adhesive foot protectors which do what they say on the tin; they attach to the soles of your feet without leaving white marks. Failing that, a pair of old flip flops is a good way to protect against colour transfer.

Image by tookapic via Pixabay