Going for a honey-hued California glow, a deep Bora Bora bronze or a barely-there sunkissed fake tan? We’ve put together the best clothing colours for every complexion that will enhance your spray tan even more and make you look like you just got back from a luxury two week holiday in the sun.

Fair complexions

Want to make a faux glow pop on fair skin? One application of our spray tanning solution will give pale skin that sunkissed look and a few clever colour choices will truly make it shine. Hot pink looks beautiful on fair skin that has a hint of colour and will accentuate a golden glow. If magenta shades feel too bright for you to wear, opt for a warm-hued coral colour which makes pale skin look just as radiant and rosy. If you’re not a fan of pretty pinks, forest green and cobalt blue look beautiful on those with a light tan. These darker colours bring out the tawnier shades of fairer skin.

Medium complexions

A slightly deeper California-style healthy glow calls for bright turquoise and deep plum colours. Lighter shades of blue that are reminiscent of the ocean will make your fake tan look richer and darker whilst exotic shades of plum will accentuate the bronze in your skin. Jewel tones such as sapphire and emerald will turn you into a golden goddess and are the perfect combination for a medium tan complexion. You’ll also be able to pull off citrus shades including zesty lemon, sunset orange and fruity watermelon which will contrast with your glow and bring out the red and brown tones in tanned skin.

Deep complexions

A deep and dark fake tan can pull off both neon and bright whites with ease. Against a spray tan, the contrast in these colours will accentuate a rich glow. A dark tan also looks breathtaking against gold metallic shades that blend in with your skin for an all-round gorgeous bronze effect. If you’re one to shy away from bright colours or pure white, pastel blues and pinks are your go-to shades. Pastel blues look incredible with blonde hair and a dark tan whilst pastel pinks pop on brunettes.

Image by adamkontor via Pixabay