The skin naturally turns paler in the autumn and winter. This is because the body doesn’t produce as much melanin when it’s not so frequently exposed to the UV rays emitted by the sun. You shouldn’t, however, just turn to make-up. After all, there are numerous advantages that come from treating yourself to a spray tan instead. Now that there’s not much time to spare before the cold weather arrives, here’s why you should rely on spray tan – not make-up – to battle pale skin this winter.


You will find that the application of spray tan makes for a soothing and relaxing pastime. The same, of course, just can’t be said for make-up. It can actually be a rather stressful process with plenty of stops and starts. If you’re after simplicity then you really can’t beat using tanning solution to return some colour to your face.


You can only really apply make-up to your face. This might suffice in giving you some sort of glow, but it won’t help your other body parts which will also be suffering from a distinct lack of colour. Meanwhile, you can apply spray tanning solution everywhere from your head to your toes and achieve a consistency to be proud of.


Make-up can actually irritate your skin if left on too long. In some cases, you could break out in spots or be left with unsightly blotches simply by applying the wrong product. On the other hand, spray tan actually has far-reaching benefits for you because the mixture can add some much-needed moisture to your skin and make it healthier.


The best spray tanning products will give you a natural-looking glow and fool people into thinking that you’re either blessed with naturally good genes or that you’ve somehow found some sun despite the harsh winter temperatures. Meanwhile, make-up rarely looks natural and can actually give you a synthetic appearance if you’re not careful.

Now’s the time!

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