We should all love our bodies no matter what. However, it’s understandable that some people might feel self-conscious if they’ve recently gained weight. There is, of course, always time to adjust to your fuller frame or to slim down. In the meantime, you can always rely on spray tan. The solution won’t just leave you with a sun-kissed complexion, but can also be your answer to feeling better about yourself. Let’s look at three ways that spray tanning solution can be helpful for those feeling self-conscious after gaining weight.


You might notice a change to your complexion when you’ve gained weight. Depending on how it’s come about, you could find that your face looks pale or you could find that it looks redder. You might consider neither of these changes to be desirable – and that’s where spray tan comes into the equation. The mixture can help you secure the complexion you want, while at the same time still ensuring that you are looking natural.


A fresh layer of spray tan can better equip you to open up your wardrobe and consider a wider range of fashions. This is because darker skin tends to go with a greater variety of shades, including more slimming colours like black. Without fear that dark shades will wash you out, you’ll have a greater variety of clothing to choose from when it comes to locking down an outfit that you feel most comfortable in.

Stretch marks

You can experience stretch marks if you’ve undergone rapid weight gain. These can be another thing to have to get used to, as well as your new figure. Luckily, you can take steps to hide these marks with a spray tan. The right solution (ideally one that’s on the lighter side) has been found to mask the marks in some ways, in the process leaving people feeling much more confident in their body.

Do you need help?

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