Spring is finally around the corner, and with blue skies and warmer temperatures, this means ditching the thick black tights and full-length trousers! If you’re feeling unprepared after a long winter, check out our top tips to get your legs smooth and glowing for spring with spray tanning products.

Pamper the night before

Prepping for the perfect spray tan ideally starts the night before, so make time to indulge yourself and turn it into a pamper evening. Treat yourself to a long hot bath, and after a good soak, shave your legs. You should always shave at least 12 hours before a spray tan, as any closer could leave your tan looking patchy. Follow this with a good scrub to remove any dead skin cells using either a rich body scrub or a body brush and really take time to cover your knees and ankles to make sure the spray tan applies evenly.

On the day

It’s always good to have a shower the morning of your spray tan to make sure your skins cells are hydrated to make a nice smooth base for your tan. Make sure your legs get some TLC in the shower after you soak them the night before. It’s also incredibly important to do this if you exercise before your spray tan, as sweat could sit on your skin and prevent your tan from applying evenly. Whilst you want your skin to be fresh and hydrated, avoid using any oils or moisturisers on your legs before a spray tan, as it could interfere with the spray tan development.

Let loose

After your spray tan, make sure you either wear a skirt or very loose-fitting trousers to avoid any of the spray tan transferring from your legs. Once your tan has established, make sure you use a new razor to shave your legs afterwards, as an older razor could remove more of the tanning solution. It’s also key to wait at least 8 hours (or longer if you can!) after your spray tan to shave your legs again to avoid removing the solution. An oil-free moisturising body wash will also be better to shave your legs with after your tan, as a lot of the traditional shaving creams available to buy contain heavier detergents that could strip the colour out of your tan.

So there you have it; three simple steps to get your legs smooth and glowing for the new season! Take a look at our range of high-quality tanning products today.

Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay