Summer 2019 looks set to be a total washout. This is bad news for everyone – but it’s particularly awful for those guys and gals who were looking forward to sporting a sun-kissed tan. Thankfully, this dream can still become a reality with or without the wind and rain. How? Spray tan! While you keep one eye on the weather forecast, here are three great reasons to just skip the middle man and lather on the spray tan this summer.


You can still achieve your goal of having a gorgeous tan – and it can be both affordable and safe. Rather than splash out on a holiday you can’t afford or put your health at risk by going on a sun bed, you’ll get the tan you want so badly simply by using spray tanning solution. In some ways it’s even better than the real thing because you can pick the colour and won’t have to settle for any white bits.


Those rainy days sure can get people feeling down in the dumps, right? Luckily, spray tan can put a smile back on your face. This is because the mixture is so pleasing to apply that for some it constitutes a form of pampering that they just couldn’t do without. The sensation is so pleasant that it can actually go some way to cheering you up when it’s difficult to get excited over the weather.


It’s hard to spend much time outside when the weather isn’t on your side. This limits your exposure to fresh air and sun – two things which are really important to you maintaining good health. The lack of access to these things might show on your face, manifesting as spots, blotches and pale skin. Don’t worry, you can easily cover these minor flaws by adding a layer of spray tan to your face and giving yourself a healthy glow.

The answer to your prayers

You can keep hoping for another summer heat wave, however, it’s probably best that you take precautions by investing in spray tan. To get your hands on a fabulous range of paraben-free products, check out My Tan London.