A flawless head to toe faux glow is much safer and kinder for your skin than trying to tan under the sun or on a sunbed and it's also much quicker and easier to achieve. Lots of people shy away from fake tan at home because they aren't sure how to get that perfect result. We're here with five foolproof hacks that will ensure your self-tan always looks like the real deal and offers the most natural tanning solution.

1. Choose self-tanners with the very best ingredients

Always choose products with the highest grade of DHA that are paraben and sulphate free. A high grade of DHA will give you that beautiful bronze glow without any of those telltale orange hues. Paraben and sulphate free products also contain far more pure ingredients to give you the very best golden glow and an effortless streak-free application. Quality ingredients lead to self-tanning success.

2. Tape the soles of your feet

A little known trick when applying self-tan is to tape the soles of your feet with gaffer tape. When you look at a real tan, the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands remain a much paler shade. Taping your feet ensures no residue will stick to them, leaving them a natural shade with no giveaway signs of fake tanning.

3. Use a makeup wipe on your palms

After applying fake tanner, use a makeup wipe across each of your palms while gently blending it into the wrist to clear away any product, even if you've used tanning mitts. Our palms never tan and you certainly don't want a solid line from the wrist to the palm either. Finish off your hands by using a cotton bud to also wipe nails and cuticles clean so that they stay natural and light as well.

4. Dry off next to a fan

If you're fake tanning in the height of summer, you're going to get hot! After applying self-tan, stand next to a plugin or battery-operated fan for 15 minutes to cool yourself down and dry the product. This hack will stop your self-tan interfering with perspiration, ensuring that the final result is smooth and even.

5. Choose a foundation shade to match your new glow

Whether you're going one shade or two shades darker than your skin tone, it's essential that your foundation matches the rest of your body. If you don't want to opt for a darker shade of base, simply add a few drops of liquid bronzer to your foundation for a bronzed effect. You can also lightly powder bronze your forehead, jaw and tops of the cheeks where the sun naturally hits the face.

Image by stokpic via Pixabay